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Radio Moscow's new double LP Live! In California was recorded absolutely live (no overdubs) over two nights at The Satellite club in Los Angeles in December 2015. The album features 76 minutes of the trio's unique brand of high-energy psychedelic rock'n'roll. The material is pulled from all their studio albums and the songs feature new arrangements.
Live! In California also includes the previously unreleased song "Chance Of Fate," a cover of the '70s band Sainte Anthony's Fyre.
Radio Moscow is Parker Griggs on guitar and vocals, Anthony Meier on bass and Paul Marrone on drums. Now based in San Diego, CA, the band has five albums out, all on Alive Records, including their self-titled debut produced by Dan Auerbach (2007); Brain Cycles (2009); The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz (2011); 3&3 Quarters – early demos (2012) and Magical Dirt (2014). The trio have toured the U.S. and Europe with acts like Graveyard, Witchcraft, Joe Bonamassa, Pentagram, Sheepdogs and Nebula, and have shared the main stage at the Psycho California festival with Kylesa and Earth, along with performing in Europe, South America and Australia. Following their upcoming U.S. tour dates (which includes a headlining slot at Denver's Electric Funeral Fest in June, and playing at the Ride Festival with Pearl Jam in July), they'll also be touring extensively in Europe this summer.
Radio Moscow's Live! In California will be available July 8th on limited edition colored vinyl, CD and digital formats via Alive Naturalsound Records.
July 8 @ New Sheridan/The Ride Festival — Telluride, CO
July 9 @ The Moon/The Ride Festival — Telluride, CO
July 25 @ Volta — Moscow RU
July 26 @ Mod — St. Petersburg RU
July 27 @ Bei Chez Heinz — Hannover DE
July 28 @ Free & Easy Festival — Munich DE
July 29 @ Burg Herzberg Festival — Breitenbach DE
July 30 @ Blue Balls Festival — Luzern CH
July 31 @ Mascotte — Zurich CH
August 1 @ Altrobranco — Treviso IT
August 2 @ Hana Bi — Ravenna IT
August 3 @ KSET — Zagreb HR
August 4 @ Arena — Vienna AT
August 5 @ Lake On Fire — Waldhausen DE
August 6 @ Void Fest — Bad Kötzting DE
August 7 @ Kulturbahnhof — Jena DE
August 8 @ Lido — Berlin DE
August 9 @ Schlachthof — Wiesbaden DE
October 22 @ End Hip End It Festival — Spring TX

“The wah drenched blues tunes will stand up the hairs on your arms. Never before I have I wanted to see a band perform live more badly than I do right now with Radio Moscow. Live! In California is entertaining, honest, beautiful, and exactly what a fan of theirs would want their shows to sound like. Turn it up and then turn it up some more.” – GLACIALLY MUSICAL
"Radio Moscow has made its name on the touring circuit, bringing the lineage of the power trio around the world, so it makes sense that their live album displays the band at full strength, featuring them at their psychedelic, groovy best." - ALLMUSIC
“I would be lying if I did not say I have been completely taken with this, the fourth album from lovingly/freakishly retro combo Radio Moscow—a fabulous trio from Iowa including the amazing guitarist/singer Parker Griggs, bassist Anthony Meier and drummer Paul Marrone. The band actively evokes all that was great about hard-rock trios of the ‘60s, the Blue Cheers, the Creams, etc., but does it with such gleeful abandon you’ve got to admire both their spirit and whatever time capsule they rode in on. Great fun.” - ROLLING STONE
“[9 out of 10 stars] A true masterpiece.” – ULTIMATE GUITAR
"Radio Moscow have clearly remembered that people play music as much for enjoyment as they do for self-expression and the result is simply stunning." - POPMATTERS

"Drummer Paul Marrone and bassist Anthony Meier kick-start things like a V-twin engine from a ’69 shovelhead chopper. The melodies squeezed from Griggs’ fretboard tangle and unravel with the tension and intensity of hyperventilation. Over choppy rhythm-section stops and starts, Griggs’ guitar solo somehow manages to flow upward and outward, ascending into a lysergic-laced cacophony. Never before has a bad trip sounded so good." - PREMIER GUITAR 
"Tempering scathing hard-rock jams with narcotic mantras and borrowed blues, this ambitious set has a loose, opus-like schematic. Combining fast and slow tempos, and soft and loud timbres with the greatest of ease, Griggs' limber outfit (also featuring newcomer Anthony Meier on bass and Paul Marrone on drums) never gets caught in a rut. But it's the raucous moments that sizzle best, dominating and ultimately galvanizing the frantic head rush." - CELEB STONER
“Radio Moscow clearly channel the glory days of the power trio (à la Blue Cheer, Cream and Hendrix). These three bump the energy and tempos up to match modern tastes and shred extensively on over-the-top, marathon bluesy freak-outs with first-class precision and a cohesion tighter than the lid on your granny's jar of pickled eggs.” – NASHVILLE SCENE
"Griggs' masterful guitar work is spellbinding… we recommend multiple listens at high volume.”  – AUSTIN EXAMINER
The air guitar record of the year comes from this Iowa power trio who drag ’70s rock at its most bombastic and overblown kicking and screaming into the present.” - LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL
“One of the best modern purveyors of retrograde psychedelic blues-rock.” – SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY

"Californian based band lovingly concoct a Cream/Hendrix inspired album of cosmic blues.  Mainman Parker Griggs is a great guitarist and he’s clearly having a ball.... exhilarating stuff." - THE DAILY TELEGRAPH - UK

“Psychedelic, acid-laced guitar-based rock that will shake you to your soul.” - MUSIC SAVAGE

“A bona fide blues-meets-psych-rock staple.”- SALT LAKE CITY WEEKLY

“The band has a style and rhythm reminiscent of Blue Cheer and MC5, but with—believe it or not—more impressive guitar work. For those desiring music with layers, Radio Moscow is every bit as bluesy as it is early garage.” – SANTA FE REPORTER
"Not even Jimi Hendrix got this juicy of a guitar tone. Soaked in wah, fuzz and a touch of reverb, Griggs has dialed in the perfect sound for psychedelia." - GLACIALLY MUSICAL
“Ames, Iowa's Radio Moscow possess big, fuzzy riffs, a drummer who makes the full use of his toms, and a vocalist who may or may not have time traveled here from the Summer of Love. This is some sprawling stuff and all expertly executed. A rock blowout.” - THE STRANGER: SEATTLE


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