Sunday, June 12, 2016

Stay tuned!

I do this little radio show you might or possibly might not have heard of called Into The Void Radio ( It’s a labor of love that I do on my spare time but it has grown over the years. I have done it on and off since the early 90s on the local community radio but the last few years I have done it for online station Grip Of Delusion Radio as well where I got to know other cool radio cats like Pat from Electric Beard Of Doom and Billy from Doomed & Stoned. Listening to these dudes is just pure luxury. 

I love radio. I love doing it and I love listening to it. Getting the opportunity to play killer songs by kick ass bands for an hour every week is just great for a music junkie like me. And when you also get the opportunity to talk to the awesome people that make the music, well then life is sweet as a peach.
It’s not possible to make a living out of this. At least not just yet. But I have a dream that someday I get to produce shows full time. In a dream world that would be late night shows where I could play heavy rock, jazz, soul and blues combined with band interviews, beatnik poetry and rants about snakes, the cosmos and other obscure stuff. You know, Like Kyle Gass' character Quince in the movie “Almost Famous”.  Wouldn’t that be quite rad?

But for now I will settle for my weekly hour of power where I get to play Gozu, Electric Citizen, Black Sabbath, Clutch, Vokonis, Monolord, Red Wizard, Year Of The Cobra, BoneHawk, Dead Feathers, Jimi Hendrix, Buffalo and anything else that gives me goose bumps when I hear it. It’s all about the love for the music!

Stay tuned. Stay heavy!

-The Void

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