Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bandcamp Bonanza – Bottoms Up

Lately I've found myself in the habit of raving about mostly new discoveries and sequencing the bonanza articles somewhat chronologically by staying current at the top of my collection feed. Today I figured I'd take you back to where it all started for me by inverting my online Bandcamp collection to showcase some of the earliest additions to my collection. These albums all made ripples years ago in my hard rock hatchery and the hope is that they will splash ashore into your dry camp. Cheers (bottoms up) and chug down some of this sweet groovy nectar.

Legal Fingers – No Time for Tenderness
Legal Fingers bring a sleazy attitude with afros flapping, titties bouncing, and no frills punk rock blues riffing away the night (or is it afros bouncing and titties flapping?).  I remember raving about this one back when nobody was using bandcamp. I have no clue if these guys are still pumping out tunes or not, but this cool ass album is available for name your price now in case you haven’t checked it out yet.  There is no better time for tenderness than now. Hit that buy button!

The Mud Sons – The Hundredth Monkey
This album played religiously back upon first discovery. A killer blend of raspy blues with a rocking stoner groove hovering endlessly within its alternative rock base. Infectious stuff here folks. They have some newer material up for the taking as well. Have a listen to “Dead and Gone” and tell me that isn’t catchy!

Cube – Cube
This album was adored the entire year of 2012. 2012? Shit I’ve been surfing bandcamp for damn near 4 years if not longer I guess. This is a funky concoction of rock tunes incorporating a bit of grunge, alternative stoner rock, and a funk based rhythm that is hard not to get into. I clearly grabbed this before I was into vinyl and notice they have it available on wax. I may have to invest in the vinyl copy. It’s kind of in the Red Hot Chili Peppers realm of grooves but with clearly a different sound.

Great Western – Warrior of Light
Just listen to this. Honestly it’s been a while since I listened to any of these but re-listening now I realize what I loved about this album. It combines a somewhat chaotic blend of heavy rock with a completely accessible groove. The hybrid stoner/sludge/punk slings gritty outlaw riffs with a grizzled punk attitude. Kind of reminds me of a favorite of mine that is Coliseum

DSW – Dust Storm Warning
This one is just straight up hard driving stoner rock full of heavy, muscular desert grooves. This will appeal to anybody who is into stoner rock period. It’s got the Kyuss crunch with melodically graveled vocals and a psychedelic tendency that blends itself nicely in the storm of fuzz.

Savora – Company of Dogs
This one was closer to the bottom of my stack than to the top and I felt strongly enough about to mention it here. One of those albums you really wish was out on vinyl to be able to hold in your hands.  It’s an absolutely unique and one of a kind sound that I still play regularly today.
“Moments of sheer alchemy combined with trance like elements of fuzzy groove create a plethora of serenity. Seriously dreamy hard rock with a cool factor off the charts.”

Well that was fun. These were just some random albums digging around towards the bottom of my collection. With the enormous amount of new music hitting the social feeds of the internet every day it is nice to step back and listen to some old stuff every now and then. Until next time, tilt those whiskey jugs up, crank the volume higher, and hope you remember what you listened to in the morning whether you go the route of the whiskey bottle or just the intoxicating grooves of the music.

-The Huntsman

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