Sunday, May 8, 2016

Italian doomsters RITI OCCULTI announce new release; Title and artwork revealed

Italian doomsters Riti Occulti are glad to announce they will enter the studio in June to record their third full-length "Tetragrammaton", which is based on the unspeakable name of God.

The sound of the band will be completely renewed for this new kabalistic concept album, featuring the most obscure and esoteric material ever produced by the sect.

"Tetragrammaton", which is scheduled for an Autumn 2016 release via Nordavind Records, will be officially presented during the Dutch Doom Days festival followed by an European tour with Black Oath. The artwork will be designed by Italian artist Ignazio Cuga, who created the artwork for the band's previous record, "Secta".

The artwork of "Tetragrammaton" can be seen below:

Watch the Riti Occulti's video for "Eleanor Rigby" [cover from The Beatles] 

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