Monday, May 23, 2016

Animal Noise - Sink Or Swim EP

Well hello beautiful!  Those were the exact words that passed through my mind the first time I listened to Animal Noise.  I cannot recall if I actually heard an audible click inside the combination lock that is my brain but regardless, my mental vault doors have been opened and this band's music has rapidly taken up residence.  Honestly, considering how I feel about the songs on the Sink Or Swim EP, I don't foresee eviction notices ever being posted requiring their removal.

Now how can I best describe the wonderful sound collage Animal Noise creates?  Let's start with the instrumentation.  This trio is comprised of acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and drums.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but the music produced is exceptional.  Elements of folk music, progressive rock, punk, and psychedelic rock interact perfectly with each other to form a unique sonic signature I find captivating!  And that's saying nothing of the vocals.  Goodness gracious the vocals!  They're rife with passion and conviction and the harmonies are superb.

The four tracks that make up the SOS EP are uniformly strong and memorable.  One key feature they all share is that each song begins relatively quietly.  The band adds layers of musical gusto on top of the muted foundations until each song positively crackles with energy.  Even the pseudo-ballad "Alright" qualifies as a high-voltage generator once it fully develops!  Picking a favorite is impossible.  Not borderline impossible.  Straight up, hung jury, case dismissed impossible.

Waveriders if you are looking for some incredible new tunes that will go a long way towards making your day extraordinary the Sink Or Swim EP from Animal Noise is your golden ticket!  There are two ways to obtain this brilliant item.  The EP is available digitally from a variety of different sources, but it was also released on Record Store Day 2016 as a limited edition 7" vinyl.  Physical copies can be purchased directly from the band's website. 

However you go about obtaining this EP make sure to share your discovery with others.  Remember friends, sharing is caring!


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