Friday, April 8, 2016

RAGING SPEEDHORN & MONSTER MAGNET DESERTFEST 7" SINGLE Limited to only 350 copies worldwide PRESALE starts March 29th

PRESALE: March 29th 12:00 noon

Presale for the 2016 Edition of the DESERFEST LONDON 7" starts March 29th 12:00 noon on H42 Records. The Single is limited to only 350 copies worldwide:
150 copies on Clear-Red Vinyl
200 copies on Clear-Orange Vinyl
The first 50 orders includes two limited DesertFest 7" Coasters (2015 & 2016 Edition)
Side A: Monster Magnet with Hallucination bomb
Side AA: Raging Speedhorn with Halfway To Hell
Halfay To Hell Video!
Artwork by Alexander von Wieding (
About the Bands:
Monster Magnet is a rock band that was founded in 1989 in New Jersey it was according to own data of various bands such as Hawkwind, MC5 and Krautrock bands. as Amon Düül affected. At first, she experimented with the directions punk, space rock and psychedelic rock. 
Raging Speedhorn were forged in 1998, in the steel town of Corby, Northamptonshire. The band brought together members of Box and Soulcellar. The music they wrote was influenced by Iron Monkey, Black Sabbath and bands that ranged from the heavy rock of the 70s through to the metal, punk and grunge scenes of the 90s. Two original bands resulted in two vocalists, and the growling bass-notes of John Loughlin contrasted with the angry lyrical style of Frank Regan. The band also included Gareth Smith and Tony Loughlin on guitars, Darren Smith on bass and Gordon Morison on pounding drums.

They soon gained a reputation for their uncompromising live performances, aurally assaulting their audience and getting the crowd going with their aggressive banter. They toured relentlessly, supporting bands such as earthtone9, Will Haven, Amen, Biohazard, Rammstein and Slipknot. They toured across the UK and Europe, Japan and USA and they also appeared at many festivals over the years, playing Main Stage at Ozzfest, Reading, the first Damnation Festival in 2004 and Download on three occasions. 2008 they split off. 2014 they reunited and played a major UK reunion tour! Now after 7 years they will release a new album and playing the Desert Festival.

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