Monday, March 14, 2016

Watertank - Destination Unknown

A welcoming roar of applause greets Penfold as he strides to the center of the stage.  He has the audience in the palm of his hand before he even says a word.

"Good afternoon National Tanks Conference And Expo 2016!"

"Thank you so much for letting me speak to you today.  I am honored to be among the leading water tank professionals from around the United States!"

(loud claps and whistles)
"This is truly rarified air I'm breathing right now.  This is air filled with ideas and innovations!  This is air that has medicinal power!  Trust me, I know.  Three days ago I went to the doctor because I felt lousy.  Do you know what that doctor told me?"

(a chorus of 'what?')
"That doctor told me that I had a high grade fever.  He told me that in order to get better I had to surrender to the sickness and rest up.  I told him right then and there that I had a convention to get to.  He said no!  Stay home he commanded me!"

(lots of booing)
"Boo indeed!  But do you know what I said in response to that quack?  I looked him right in the eye and declared I'm going to that conference!"

(cheers erupt)
"My destination isn't unknown to me!  I will not surrender to any illness!  I'm going to that conference to be with my fellow water tank enthusiasts!"

(the cheering intensifies)
"Yes my friends.  I boarded that plane and felt my fever slipping away like the wispy contrails my winged chariot's passage created in the sky!  Attending this expo hit the automatic reset button on my immune system and right now I feel fantastic!"

(standing ovation)
"But enough about me.  At this time I'd like to introduce a topic I have a lot of opinions about."

(a nervous, expectant hush falls over the audience)
"That's right.  It's time to talk about Petroleum Vapor Intrusion!"

(mass hysteria, someone in the front row passes out)

Hello waveriders!  Looking for something new to tickle your eardrums?  Something that will fulfill all of your heavily distorted needs?  You know what I mean, something gnarly!  But wait, you need something else too right?  Perhaps you're looking for a new album that is suitable to share with music aficionados who have less metallic tastes?  Well you're in luck my friends because I recently discovered a magical album entitled Destination Unknown by the band Watertank.

Let's get something out of the way right off the bat.  When you listen to Watertank you will immediately compare them with Torche.  Why?  Because Watertank sounds an awful lot like Torche.  Songs For Singles-era Torche to be exact.  Colossal riffs that shake the rafters at any volume coupled with tremendous melodies that stick in your head like spray-on insulation.  The aural recipe Watertank follows on Destination Unknown is so delicious to my ears that each time I listen to these songs my brain goes on an involuntary sugar rush! 

In case this talk of melodies has some of you concerned that Watertank fails to deliver on the rock front fear not!  Take a listen to album opener "Automatic Reset", "Surrender", "Contrails", or the incredibly propulsive "Fever".  Just be sure to have neck protection because the good times don't end there!  If you're wanting something a little slower and more sludgy then queue up "DCVR".  "Last_Lost Hope" builds itself gradually and deliberately into a brilliant musical climax.  "Doomed Drifters" begins with some appropriately forlorn sounding guitar-work which quickly transitions into a huge riff before the song completely transforms halfway through it's running length.  "Scheme" is gorgeous and the altogether impressive title track serves as the album's closing statement.  Not a dud in the bunch.

The bottom line here waveriders is that Destination Unknown from Watertank is an incredible album.  I love listening to these songs and if you are looking for some heavy tunes with broad melodic appeal you will too!  Do yourselves a favor and check this band out right now.


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