Monday, March 21, 2016

The Dahmers - Demons

In a cave on the outskirts of hell, four demons are about to test each other's patience.

"Alright you ghouls, huddle up!  We're having a band meeting."
"Ghouls?  Seriously Andras?"
"Nybas, you're a demon.  A creature of the underworld.  Do us a favor and grow some thicker skin, would ya?"
"Look I'm just saying a ghoul is an undead entity which, as you know, is a completely inaccurate description of demons like us.  Therefore I kindly request a formal apology for making such an insulting and patently untrue accusation."
"Whatever man.  We need to get down to business."
"And what business would that be?"
"We need to decide on our band's name and the title of our album."
"Hold the phone, I thought we already decided on our group name during the last band meeting.  Remember?  We're The Demons!"
"Yeah, we did.  But that was three days ago and I've had time to think it over.  We can't be The Demons.  The name lacks originality and it just isn't good enough."
"Well what name do you propose genius?"
"I've been mulling it over.  What's the name of that ultra-creepy guy who's been down here for years now?  Donner?  Dumber?"
"That's it!  Dahmer!  Let's call ourselves The Dahmers!"
"Whatever Andras.  I'm tired of arguing with you and The Dahmers sounds menacing enough, but what about the album title?"
"I don't know!  I mean, I came up with the sinister band name.  Xaphan why don't you think of something?"
"Don't look at me.  I'm busy contemplating vastly more pressing matters like trying to formulate a plan to set heaven on fire."
"Point taken.  Furcas, you're the only one who hasn't said a word during this meeting.  Have you got any ideas?  We need a name that speaks to all of us."
"How about we just call our album Demons and be done with it."
"That's brilliant!  It's simple!  It's catchy!  It won't be hard for inebriated mortals to remember!  We're ready boys!  Pack your gear!  Tour starts tomorrow!"

Holy cow!  Where in the world has this music been hiding?  Sweden?  Oh, okay then.  International travel isn't exactly a common part of my daily agenda so I suppose I'll award myself a pass for not discovering The Dahmers until recently.  That said, I'd like to profusely thank Lovely Records for re-releasing this gem from 2014 and giving people like me a chance to hear what I've been missing.  Demons, my fellow waveriders, is hands down one of the most enjoyable albums I've experienced in a long time!

Do you like ultra-infectious garage rock?  Are you a Thin Lizzy fan who also loves classic punk bands like The Ramones?  Is your movie collection composed primarily of horror films?  Does the mere suggestion of a ballad make you angry?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will thoroughly enjoy Demons. 

"Stalker" begins the proceedings and immediately throws down the sonic gauntlet.  Wonderful twin guitar riffing, immensely powerful choruses, and pitch-perfect vocals are all set to a blistering tempo.  Truth be told I could describe nine of the remaining ten songs on this album the exact same way.  The notable exception is "Creepy Crawl" which follows much more of a hardcore punk blueprint than the others.  Of the two bands I mentioned earlier Thin Lizzy's influence is especially noteworthy on the songs "Dead" and "With A Knife", while "Jeffrey" and "I'm Going Insane" both worship reverently at the altar of The Ramones.

Folks, Demons by The Dahmers is a twenty seven minute explosion of rock 'n' roll righteousness that sticks with you long after it reaches it's conclusion.  One listen to this extraordinary release and you'll be hooked!  Pick up your copy now.  You won't regret it!


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