Sunday, January 3, 2016

Night Terror - She Kills


Straight outta Stockholm we find this mötley crüe whom delivers this awesome 4-track collection of punk rock that cuts right through your brain like a flame from a welding torch. Night Terror released "Dick n Die" back in 2014 and that's when they got my attention. It was fast and furious and extremely catchy in my ears. And on the follow up that now is upon us there is absolutely no dead space in the eight minutes it takes for Night Terror to smash these new four tracks like a sledge hammer right into your face.

It's fast. It's brutal. It's straight to the point.

I dig the mix of riot grrrl infused punk on speed. But it's not without some elegance and with confidence. The opening track "She Kills" has the sound of Bikini Kill and Sex Pistols at the same time and is a manifest of intent that lets you know that Night Terror is in the house. They then rush straight into "Glamour" which picks up in speed and viciousness. Third track "Stab Me". Now I'm all excited and worked up as the howl of singer Pink Punk pierces my ears with it's aggressive chorus. And then "Terror In The Night" moves in for the kill as the perfect punk rock anthem it is.

I like the rawness of this demo. It got that exact feeling of rehearsal room and live atmosphere that maintains the punk ethos but with obvious quality that the group has a big promising future if they want it.

-The Void

Pink Punk
Lemmy Terror
Elfsten Perry Terror
Jake Terror   

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