Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sioux - The One and the Many

So in a nutshell a turn of recent events has resurrected the notion to repost some reviews I’d written a couple years ago and published online where some sort of blog war type phenomenon happened and the reviews were lost in translation. Not naming names but the bands and albums are worthy to have their products shared with the masses left who may not have originally been exposed. I don’t know how many I will decide to re-post back up, but I think they will be safe floating in the ripples here at The Ripple Effect. In fact, I am confident they are in no danger and perhaps, may bring in a new fan. So here is one of the first reviews I wrote for a blog online that is no longer available for viewing. Here to stay we have Sioux – The One and the Many:

Sioux, who marched onto my radar with their debut self-titled EP released back in May of 2013 smashed eardrums with an extremely loud and heavy psychedelic-sludge sound. Honestly it wasn't until I heard news about this new album, which is partially available to stream at their bandcamp now, that I fully realized the power of their self titled. As tough as it was and is, the new one is even stronger. It's basically a continuation towards becoming the heaviest sludge band on the scene and flows seamlessly, building off the foundation poured by the s/t. Both albums are highly recommended and they even have an audio tape package deal available too if your into that sort of thing.

Let in the Night starts the trip with a slow lumbering dark and mystic chug a lug opening sequence of grooves resembling an early Mastodon sound. Calculated, heavy and dark riffs with a spooky vibe dominate the airwaves.

Faithless crafts a sludge soaked, progressively twisted crunch with a catchy melodic chorus. "You will get what you deserve. I am master you are slaves" is a reminder that, here, riff is king and we are merely slaves to its scummy grind. Vocals continue with a sort of echoed production style resonating a mild stoner rock tendency with a strong dirty boggy progression. A killer discordant solo leads into a beat down of deathly growls set to a fuzzy bass line to close the song.

As the album roars on, Ad Astra maintains the prominent Mastodon comparison but I also hear howls of the likes of
Monster Coyote whom I’m a huge fan of. If you heard their last album, you'd know the ferociousness I speak of. Stomping grooves fuzzed up like a bed of cactus.

The One and the Many opens with an eerie electrically plucked extravaganza. Soloing along with a dreary and doomy attitude, the title track majestically builds into a heavy and progressive outburst of groovy grime.

Wrong right or indifferent, Ascension can be described as a witchy wondrous wailing, wrapped together wildly as a sinister festival of ripping noise. Say that ten times real fast in front of your bathroom mirror, lights turned off, If you wanna get real weird.

Scapegoat closes the 28 minute album and exhibits a fantastic doom-laden progressive sludge treat packed with plenty of punch.

At only 28 minutes in length I wouldn't let the size fool you. It's all about the motion of the potion and Sioux hits the auditory G-spot for fans of loud, psychedelic sludge metal, capable of rendering the listener intoxicated and potentially sterile due to the supreme throbbing sensation within the aural love canal.

Whether you're lonely or a musical whore like me you need to snatch this up now and give it some love.

Check them out on Facebook, bandcamp, or if you’re close to Portland, perhaps they are your friends and you prefer personal contact. Just listen regardless.

Be on the lookout for more reviews of the past as I hope to get more oldies circulating the net in the near future. Don’t worry, we’ll still be bringing you brand new undiscovered albums as well, but just because they are older doesn’t mean they aren’t new to somebody.

-The Huntsman

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Monster Coyote said...

Thanks for the mention, the band is awesome!
If you have not yet listened to our new album "NECKBREAKER", released in September, visit our site and check it! It would be an honor to know your impressions about our new work! Cheers from Brazil!

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