Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sweat Lodge – Talismana


Ripple Music is pleased to announce the official release of Talismana, the long-awaited debut album from one of America’s most exciting and downright badass psychedelic metal bands, Sweat Lodge.”

Here is my take on the magnificent album. And boy is it a grower.

Talismana wastes no time in bringing the energy. The kind of recording that begs you to want to catch a live show. Opener 'Tramplifier', not only has an eerie ring to it, but will have your head bobbing within seconds with a circulating fuzz based riff leading into electrified vocals summoning forth all fans of Ozzy. 'Bed of Ashes' keeps the Sabbath buzz alive and brings a bit of funk to the upbeat bluesy party. Colorful drum blasts encapsulate the Lodge ringing with reverb and dripping with distortion.

To be honest I hadn't known of Sweat Lodge until the news of their signing with Ripple Music early in the year and was curious to see what the label had sniffed out. Turns out, Talismana stacks up with the best of the Ripple crew, who have been having a record year, pun intended. I am sweating with anticipation at news of the debut LP on limited vinyl releasing on August 7th. 

The album plays through rather quickly, and is just about the perfect length and a full therapeutic remedy for any situation, much like a sweat lodge. As the album continues the intensity builds and the rawk begins to roll, gaining momentum. 'Phoenix Ascent' exemplifies that statement with an intoxicating energy and hypnotic groove to die for. The title track 'Talismana', brings the psychedelic jams to the forefront throughout the middle of the song, weaving the echoed vocal cries in and out while the bass line smoothly purrs in the background.

'Boogie Bride', the longest song on the record, starts out a bit slow while the guitars gently slice the airwaves in 'Strangle Hold' fashion. In fact, I think that is a very apt comparison in that it has the spacey and groovy guitar lines with trippy vocal tones and killer solo breaks. 'Heavy Head' is indeed heavy and groovy whistling with spooky intentions followed by powerful fuzz riffs fronted by an exhilarating vocal sequence. ‘Banshee Call’ closes the record down much like a cigarette follows kinky sex, soothing, yet still buzzing with excitement. The Zeppelin-esque croons crawl along to the beat of a water bong, while the guitars inhale and exhale euphoric riffs of felicity. By the time the album is over its time to begin again with the repeat button, or better yet with the flip of the wax and drop of a needle come August 7th. Keep your eyes out for Sweat Lodge, as they have proven they can hang with the big dogs of the underground rock and roll. Thoroughly impressed with Talismana!! Pick up your copy via Ripple Music in August.

-The Huntsman


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