Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Motor Sister - Ride

Today is a very special day waveriders!  No it's not my birthday.  What?  No, I'm not celebrating a promotion or engagement.  Listen, today is special because I get to discuss a new album that is directly tied to my favorite band, Mother Superior.  So grab a seat all of you true believers in the power of rock 'n' roll and let's talk about the album Ride from Motor Sister.

Wait a second Penfold.  You brought up Mother Superior and then immediately switched gears to Motor Sister.  What gives?  Excellent catch!  Motor Sister is essentially a new version of Mother Superior.  The band was created after Scott Ian told his wife Pearl Aday that he wanted to play guitar in Mother Superior for his 50th birthday.  It was to be a one-night deal where he would pick out his favorite MS songs and then play them at his birthday party. 

To facilitate this Pearl contacted Jim Wilson, the guitarist/lead singer/main man of Mother Superior with whom she had collaborated on her own records, and asked him if he would be willing to play these tunes again (MS broke up in the early 2000s).  He agreed and Scott Ian filled out the rest of the band by contacting Joey Vera and John Tempesta, both of whom were MS fans.  They rehearsed the day before the party and then played the show.  As you might imagine the small crowd in attendance was filled with some fairly influential people in the music business who were so enthused with the band's performance that the idea of recording was put forward.  Ride is the resultant album.

If you are a fan of classic hard rock like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Humble Pie, Cream, etc. and you have never heard of Mother Superior then prepare to have your brain rewire itself thanks to the sheer magnitude of righteousness possessed by this music.  I've been listening to the original versions of these twelve songs for years and they are just as powerful and rockin' now as they were when I first heard them years ago.  These songs have everything you want.  There is crazy playing, fantastic singing, incredible melodies, and riffs galore!  My only complaint is that I would have selected some other songs from the MS catalogue to be resurrected under the Motor Sister banner.  You know...MY personal favorites. 

Don't listen to my whining waveriders.  This is a prime example of how I simply cannot control the irrational fanboy inside of my head.  The bottom line is that Motor Sister should be celebrated around the rock loving world!  If like me you are a Mother Superior fan then you need to pick up a copy of Ride to hear these wonderful songs in a new light.  If on the other hand you've never heard of Mother Superior this is your chance to get in on the newly renovated ground floor of the Jim Wilson fan club.  I'm here to tell you that it is the place to be!

Long live Motor Sister!

- Penfold

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