Saturday, February 7, 2015

Death Ape Disco, Winners of the 2014 TBFM Factor Competition, Signs World-wide Deal with Ripple Music

Death Ape Disco have joined forces with Ripple Music, inking a record deal for the release of their currently untitled second album, due 2015. Winners of the fan-voted TBFM Factor competition, run by TBFM Online Radio, Death Ape Disco combine earth-shattering riffs, hooks and harmonies to create skyscraper-sized head-banging rock music. Formed in Brighton UK in 2010, the release of critical smash Supervolcano in 2013 saw Death Ape Disco playing all round Britain, winning audiences over one venue at a time with their thumping feel-good live shows.

Stream Supervolcano now at

Death Ape Disco beat out hundreds of bands to win the coveted Grand Prize in the 2014 TBFM Factor Contest, the world's largest online Battle of the Bands. Sponsored by TBFM online radio, TBFM factor is a grueling 16 week Odyssey of competition with the winning band getting an album deal with Ripple.  With the signing of the contract with Ripple Music, the band is also delighted to reveal its two new members, welcoming new lead vocalist Trim (King Goat), and keys and singing wizard Ben Harris-Hayes (Enochian Theory). “When it became clear our singer Rob couldn’t continue due to work commitments, we searched high and low,” guitarist/ vocalist Kit Brice explains. “We were fortunate to be able to call on two hugely talented performers we already knew, full of ability and character. We already wanted to expand our sound for the new album, having moved to a twin 7-string guitar set-up, and these two new members are allowing us to go even further. Early rehearsals suggest the band is stronger than ever. To be on a label like Ripple, with Mothership, Ape Machine, Grifter, Zed and more, is very inspiring, especially as it’s down to the support of ours fans and friends. Thank you to everyone who voted – the motivation is there to produce an outstanding second record now we are on this great label. We’re working flat-out to deliver something amazing, and we’re on course to do it.”

Guitarist Jamie Boulstridge adds, “The signing with Ripple Music is exciting, an ergonomic contract that suits a band like us, up-and-coming but diligent. The new record is shaping up as more of everything, with maybe a heavier bent. Although we haven’t much started on vocals, the new band-mates Trim and Ben are everything we could have asked for, being already close with the band, professional musicians and incredibly talented vocalists; with 2015 around the corner, it seemed like fate, helping us prepare for this next record without missing a step. With the sheer amount of material we have, I hope this next record will be the mother of all modern rock albums.”

Drummer Harry Lehane, whose heavy groove, in tandem with bassist Chris Starkey, propels the band, says “I'm so excited to see what's in store for us and thank you to everyone who has got us this far. It was the votes that everyone pledged for us that bagged us this record deal and I will never forget that. That is the reason we are here now and in this amazing starting position for 2015. Thank you.

Death Ape Disco have 12 tracks currently being worked on, and are aiming to hit the studio in May. Follow the band at the links below for more updates, banter, pictures and videos.

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