Wednesday, January 21, 2015


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Photo by Trent Lee Maxwell
                                                                            (L to R: Jonah Holt, “Arkansas” Dave Pennington, Chris Ortiz, Jim Ortiz)

Musical movements are often referred to as cyclical. Every few moons, a band surfaces who borrows just enough from the past to infuse a new vitality into the musical present. FATHER SKY's sound makes listeners recall a time when guitar-driven blues-rock was in its proverbial prime. A four-piece from Austin, Texas, FATHER SKY have spent the last year perfecting both their songwriting and stage show. Guitarist/Vocalist "Arkansas" Dave Pennington and Jim Ortiz deliver a virtuosic twin guitar attack with a maturity older than they look; bassist Jonah Holt and drummer Chris Ortiz are the guardians of the band’s thunderous rhythm section. Pennington fronts the soul-driven blues rock militia with a passion & voice reminiscent of the early eras of Led Zeppelin and Muddy Waters.

Pennington explains “FATHER SKY is the culmination of everything I've ever wanted to accomplish musically- a creative outlet for me to see the world through music. I handpicked some of the finest musicians in Austin that I admire for their dedication to their instrument, and the desire to do something bigger than ourselves. It is a sound influenced by the roots of rock and metal, blended with the sounds of the South, that our personal influences- Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, & Muddy Waters (just to name a few...)- set in motion for us to continue the tradition of Rock N Roll.”

This March, FATHER SKY will release their debut EP “TOWER HEIST” via their DIY label Ouachita Music. The EP was produced and arranged by the band’s frontman David Pennington, the record uses analog recording technology to organically capture a hybrid of five, groove-laden chapters of heavy blues rock.  

Gargantuan guitar riffs, roaring bass lines, and pistonic percussion kissed with soulful rock vocals displays the renegade stride of FATHER SKY and will prepare you for the live experience awaiting you when the band tours the U.S. throughout 2015.

To stream their first song released to the public “Silver Spoon”, visit FATHER SKY at

Tower Heist track listing is:
      1.  Rain Will Fall
      2.  Silver Spoon                     
      3.  Withered
      4.  Tower Heist
      5.  Mongoose Blitz

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