Saturday, January 10, 2015

Deiphago complete new Hells Headbangers album, reveal teaser

Today, black/death barbarians Deiphago - arguably, one of the most violent bands on the planet - announce the completion of their highly anticipated fourth album, Into the Eye of Satan. Recorded this past December in The Thousand Caves Recording Studio in Queens, New York with the esteemed Colin Marston (Gorguts), Deiphago's Into the Eye of Satan will be released this spring by Hells HeadbangersMastering has been handled by Marston, as well, and the cover artwork was created by legendary death metal artist Axel Hermann (Sodom, Morgoth, Asphyx, Grave). A preview of the coming storm can be heard exclusively HERE
Deiphago reports the following about the completion of Into the Eye of Satan: "Recording of the fourth album with Colin Marston has been completed, and we have the final mix/master on our hands. This is a  powerful, massive record that will push the limits of black metal to new grounds! Colin has captured the essence of Deiphago and unleashed it in its fullest sonic potential! Into the Eye of Satan explores very angular and challenging song structures, with unorthodox guitar scales and arpeggios, without losing all the chaotic elements that only Deiphago can deliver! We continue to challenge the current black metal scene that has become lame and stagnant. Forward movement under chaos!" Cover, tracklisting, and release date shall be announced imminently. 

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