Thursday, November 20, 2014

THORR-AXE: New Track From Indiana's Frost-Bitten Doomsters Streaming Now At MetalSucks

Now that it's getting sufficiently cold outside, it's the perfect time for Thorr-Axe, who hail from the icy midwest, to unleash the title track from their forthcoming album, Gates Of Winter (out January 13th). MetalSucks, who are hosting the premiere today, were taken not only with the band's thunderous doom riffs but also the intricate guitar work, calling the solo "a real, soulful, honest-to-goodness, you-can-feel-that-shit-in-your-BONES solo, stunningly simple but perfect for a song like this one."

Listen to "Gates Of Winter" at THIS LOCATION.

As winter begins to rear its icy head in the Northern Hemisphere, the mythologically-inspired, blackened-doom quartet hailing from Bloomfield, Indiana known as Thorr-Axe have been busy preparing for the release of their sophomore album with heavy riffs, hikes through the frozen woods, playing shows including a recent opening slot for Weedeater, and getting named best unsigned band in Indiana by metal blog Toilet Ov Hell. The "cold, frosty doom” act is a raiding party comprised of four guys with a mutual love of heavy music who belch forth tales of dragons, wizards, frost giants, and vikings putting axes through people's skulls. A party of the blackest kind, which the Sleeping Shaman once referred to as “a crushing rifforama that boldly sets all axes to bludgeon-mode,” and every metal head with a black heart and a wry smile is invited.

"If you don’t know what Thorr-Axe sounds like yet, imagine if Skeletonwitch and Twisted Tower Dire had a love child together who grew up to be a bit of a stoner who loves Pentagram."
- The Toilet Ov Hell

CD preorders of Gates Of Winter are available now right here:

Thorr-Axe is:
Tucker Thomasson: Guitar/Vocals
Mitchell McKinney: Guitar
Garrett Daniels: Bass
Jacob Lett: Drums/Vocals


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