Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Slow Season - Mountains

It's refreshing when a band is unapologetic about what it is. So many bands try to be retro "but with a modern sound." California's Slow Season aren't that. They make classic rock, they do it right, and they do it without being canny.

When I met the guys from Slow Season, I was downing a 12'er of Schlitz in the parking lot of a hole in the wall rock club in Oklahoma. It was hot. They had just driven from Texas where the show they had played the night before was a shit fest. Surprisingly, their spirits were good.

We talked about bands we liked, bands we didn't like, frontmen we'd met with rockstar complexes, and the weather. They were all really genuine, cool guys. The first thing they asked me was "can we play loud here?"

They tore the club down that night. I love opening bands that steal the night These guys did that. We went and ate some Korean food afterwards and chatted, I asked them to get me their new album when they could, and here we are today.

Their live sound and their album sound are pretty similar; high energy rock a la Zeppelin. The songs all chug, they roll, they boogie. This is the God's Country of Rock and Roll. The rhythm section is really what clinches that sound, they absolutely nail what they're going for. The way Jones and Bonham used to riff off each other is here. The album sounds like 1968, and I can think of no higher praise for a band that makes classic rock.

The album just dropped over at Riding Easy a couple weeks ago. Pick it up, add it to your rogues gallery of proof that rock and roll is not dead.

- Headshot

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