Saturday, October 25, 2014

Revenge of the Quick Ripple Bursts - Featuring RxGF and Funeral Kab

RxGF - Any Other Way

Grand and epic.  Dark and Mysterious.  Lush and evocative.  I guess I can open up a thesaurus to try and find more descriptors but I think I got my point across.  RxGF specialize in moody, slightly electronic darkwave gothic somberness of the sort I treasured back in my DJ days.  Moody without being a downer.  Danceable in that post Sisters of Mercy way.  RxGF crosses into straight up goth, industrial, chill, even a bit of Techno without ever losing their way.  There's a soul to the music, never losing itself in electronics, but staying heavy in melody and tone.  Riding the somber, yet ethereal vocals of Angeline Schaaf, RxGF is the brainchild of ace producers and multi-instrumentalists, Jonathan Plum and John Morgan Reilly, who have created a shadowy yet gritty and chilling sound combines an ominous wall of saturated synths, samples, beats, and acoustic drums & instruments.

If you're a darkwave fan, RxGF is well worth checking out.

Funeral Kab - Self-titled EP

Combining a touch of punk snot and fury with the balls of bluesed out stoner fuzz, Funeral Kab rage on like they got something to prove.  With their sung-spoke vocals and raw, primal, gutter-rock, Funeral Kab remind me of an unholy lovefest between the Jim Carroll band and Ripple's own CFA.  Mix in some Subhumans, Dead Milkmen, and a fistful of narcotics anonymous meetings and you'll get a taste of the seedier side of Austin.   Listening to this punked up fury, you can't help but see filthy bathtubs full of homebrewed meth, sweating tattoos and puddles of bile.   Pure rock and roll punk destruction with no aim other than to decimate and vent.  Just the way I like it.


Stephen said...

Been listening to the latest rxgf all month in heavy rotation. ton of depth and it's heavy for being not much guitar work. post punk kind of. in an ebm way but not really

Sarah Blythe said...

Did a search for new dark wave music and was surprised to hear such a different sound A new favorite!

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