Sunday, October 12, 2014

Merlin - Night Creep

It's the season of the witch. That means it's the season for schlock movies at my place. Kansas City's up-and-coming psych powerhouse "Merlin" feels the same way. Riding the tide from their well received "Christ Killer" album; their new single "Night Creep" and B-side "Robe of Bones" (a re-imagined version of a song from an earlier release) are nothing if not fantastic tributes to the genre of crap movies.

The a-side opens with a long synth etude. For me, it instantly made me think of Argento's serial killer flicks. PROBABLY THE POINT. Then, it kicks in, and I mean kicks the door down. The song deals with imagery familiar to anybody who has seen said Italian movies: first person killer shots, knife in hand, stalking a bosomed young woman. That fast paced, heartbeat intensity so well done in all those flicks is mimicked here with skill and precision. 

I've listened to almost everything this band has released, and this is their best work to date. Both as song writers and as studio musicians. If this is a view of things to come, Merlin is poised to take a much more prominent space in the rogues gallery of American psychedelia.

The release date is (or was, depending on when you're reading this) October 13. They are planning for a physical release, so look out for the 7" to be dropping before too long (call it a hunch). You'll want it. Also, they're playing a show with Orange Goblin at the Riot Room in Kansas City on December 18th. Catch them if you get the chance.

- Headshot

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