Friday, October 24, 2014

Mage - Last Orders

I wish all albums started off with deafening sludge-soaked riffage like Mage on their latest album Last Orders. I really get excited when, within the first minute I'm already sold and willing to pay money for more. Call it what you want, I'm an addict, but know when the "good shit" hits the streets. Vocally Mage’s singer resembles a cross between John Bush and Paige Hamilton, which may be of interest to anyone who even remotely adores heavy metal.

Last Orders combines the metallic crunch of the turn of the century hardcore/grunge with the occult sensibilities of classic doom metal. The riffs crush like a car baler while the vocals gnaw the speakers like Lenny Dykstra on a pouch of big league chaw.

The album does not reinvent the wheel, but accessibly maintains a catchy ring resulting in an extremely enjoyable and heavy as all hell record which should capture fans of both sides of the vocal tone fence. You say you can't stand harsh vocals? No worries here. You admit you are aroused by utter havoc in the vocal department? This is the crumble that the cookie monster ate off the floor. Granted, the pigs are not squealing here, in fact the vocals are only marginally harsh. The point being, the record is vigorously stimulating from either side of the rails you stand beside.

For fans ranging from Helmet, Candlemass, to Armored Saint, Mage has a little something for each of you. If you enjoyed the last album, Black Sands, you'll be in for another bludgeoning treat.

-The Huntsman

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