Thursday, September 11, 2014

Greek Stoner Rock Trio Craang Signs with Pink Tank Records

Greek psychedelic/stoner rockers CRAANG have just signed a record deal with German-based Pink Tank Records, who will release the band’s debut album “To The Estimated Size Of The Universe” on vinyl in early 2015.

Based in Thessaloniki, in Greece, fuzzy psychedelic rock trio CRAANG have released one of the best spacey-psychedelic rock releases you’ll hear this year, offering an enthralling brew of fuzzy stoner rock laced with healthy dose of 70’s psychedelic rock.

"Epic, exhilarating Greek stoner/psych on a pilgrimage to the Orion nebula and beyond."

"Worshippers of sweepingly heavy pysch rock jams laden with fuzz reverb and metallic angularities need this first bit from Craang, more stoner voyages courtesy of Greece."

"Craang can join that ever growing list of bands who have released some remarkable music this year and in their field they can stand head and shoulders over everybody else. You need Craang in your life, this is music for the head, soul and mind."

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