Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Single Life Without Reason - Weakest Defence

It is Without Reason.

Why do I stay?  Why am I here?


It's My Weakest Defence.

She's not the only one affected by this disease. No spell check. Damn it!  Not affected. "Effected." It is "the result of a cause;" not "affected," which is just "related to the cause." It is Without Reason and "My Weakest Defence."

It is a grunge rock band and its release - "My Weakest Defence" is my release.

Listen to it.  It is the only cut I have heard from them.  It's the only cut they sent. It is a single.

Brits bassist Ashley Deane and guitarist James Woolley found vocalist Louise Bowler and formed the band Without Reason and then added power drummer Luke Patterson.  "My Weakest Defence" is a single - not presently married to an album. It is like the 1990's arrived twenty years late.  With Without Reason I no longer seek Nirvana, QOTA, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Foo Fighters.  Those bands resonate in one single, "My Deepest Defence." A release for, of, by and Without Reason.

- Old School

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