Saturday, June 28, 2014

Indie Rock Band Provides Accompanying Music for Serialized Adventure Story, "the Ruins of Tropicalia"

A pulpy, novel-length story released for free in a series of installments, “The Ruins of Tropicalia”, is accompanied by new music by The Amends.
  • "The Ruins of Tropicalia” provides a new twist on an existing genre. The story, released in series of installments each week June 24th through August 28th 2014, features a unique tale based on the accounts of a trip involving conjurers, terrorists, reality stars, spies, soldiers, and internet billionaires. In addition to the written work, which is available in several formats for easy accessibility, the indie rock band The Amends is providing eight new singles as part of each installment’s release—all new music from 2014.

Accessible from Kindle devices/apps and e-readers compatible with EPUB or PDF formats, readers can conveniently take their exploration of Tropicalia and discovery of The Amends newly-released singles on the go. The story explores a mass Disappearance in the 21st century, a civilization few remember ever existed, and an endandered global future. Combining various narratives of a 2014 trip to a remote Central American peninsula along with free rock music, “The Ruins of Tropicalia” has something to offer everyone.

The website for “The Ruins of Tropicalia” features each installment/episode of the story, along with the accompanying music provided by The Amends. Curated by Tyler Taylor, band member for The Amends and Tropicalia trip-goer, the website provides all content free of cost throughout the entire launch timeframe—June 24th through August 28th, 2014. Hoping to provide interesting and collaborative work that tickles the senses of readers/listeners everywhere, Taylor, Drew Weikart and the rest of The Amends are excited to release their new 2014 singles in this uniquely conceptualized way. To learn more about “The Ruins ofo Tropicalia”, indie rock band “The Amends”, or to sign up for reminders for the 6/24 release, visit today or check out the promotional YouTube trailer at

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Main Site: (mobile app to be released mid-June)
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