Everthrone - Evil Tongues

   This is a solid release that features elements of doom metal, symphonic metal and shades of pop rock. I think the vocals are akin to that thirty seconds from mars sound. They blend perfectly within the myriad sounds capes Everthrone produces.

   The guitars and the drums are spot on. Incredible musicianship. Personally I really enjoyed their cover of “Send Me An Angel”. This song choice fits so well with the vocals.

“I am Usurper” is my favorite track. Just a pure metal song. And once again powerful vocals. This band has its collective finger on something. They click. The album flows like a long poem. It just sounds that good and solid.

Guitar work is amazing. There are some songs were the melody lines are angelic in scope and then we dive right into a searing neo classical run. Perfect. Another quality product from Divebomb Records!

8/10 horns up!



nuclearwerewolf said…
I have reviewed a lot of bands lately and this has been one of the most unique sounds I have heard. I hope they get some motion, as I think they will start a new wave in the music scene.