Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Three Lions present us with a powerful, melodic, string of rocking AOR friendly hits. “Trouble in a red dress” is a great song. Perfectly mixed and solid in its structure. This song really turns up the heat. Catchy, singable chorus.

“Hold Me Down”, and “Twisted Soul” are also two more tracks that just burn their way into your head. Brilliant songwriting and lyrics. Shades of bands like, whitesnake, foreigner, Gary Moore come to mind as I listen.

“Holy Water” is a rocker! The guitar tone and delivery is incredible on this one. The lead solo tears through the speakers like a bullet. Then those killer vocals come in. awesome

“Two hearts beat as one”, and “Made for each other” are two power ballads that you could hear be played on any modern day radio. These two songs are superb.

“Sicilian Kiss” flows smooth and powerful as an instrumental. I would have liked to have heard more guitar in this song but it is truly a classic.

This band is a powerhouse juggernaut and should be unstoppable. Looking forward to the live gigs hopefully. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this disc now!

8/10 horns up


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