Sworn Enemy - Living on Borrowed Time

Sworn Enemy has always been a band that hit with ferocious intensity a staple in Northeast Hardcore.  Having seen them and even having the pleasure to Play with them a few times I know they are all about making music with no apologies.  Their latest Release “Living on borrowed time” is one of those releases that just gets you Fired up and makes your head..  Salvatore Michael LoCoco’s overcome all anthems and upbeat Hardcore riffing make this album something you want to listen to at high Volumes.  This style is one even the most Disgruntle  Deathmetal Guy and the NU Metal kid can find something to enjoy.

The first moments you get a haunting Guitar swell and the your sucked into mosh riff then a maelstrom worthy circle pit riff and pretty much does this for the entire album.  In the Track “One Eye Open” it gives you a softer riff you think I guess they’re going to give you a Softer like so many metal band s do. But :30 in you realize you are back on the mosh train and its nonstop. I really love this Album. It has  extremely heavy guitar riffing . Soild Bass and drums. Original Vocal tones once you hear Sal you will know its sal when you hear other things with him on it. The Lyrics are awesome the whole album is about being true to yourself and you can overcome anything. In today’s world everyone should get behind that thought process.

Overall the Album is great very well polished and written. As far as Metalcore is concerned not many bands hit the mark like Sworn Enemy they are by all accounts Metal  and Hardcore. I suggest if you are into ether  you should give this a Listen you won’t be disappointed. 

For fans of Hatebreed, Sick of it all, Madball and Skarhead