Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Ripple Effect is Thrilled to be Included in Best Rock Writing 2014 Book Anthology!!

Best Rock Writing cover
Compendium of scary and fun rock tales picks up where the DaCapo series left off.

 By Blurt Staff (borrowed/adapted from the Blurt Website) 

The Ripple Effect is thrilled to have an article selected as one of the year's best and included in this upcoming book. 

 This week our good friends at Excitable Pressworks release That Devil Music: Best Rock Writing 2014, an anthology of writing about rock ‘n’ roll. A few years ago DaCapo Press brought to a close their similarly-named series, so it’s great to have someone step in with a worthy successor.
 According to the publisher:

That Devil Music: Best Rock Writing 2014 offers artist interviews, essays, articles, and album reviews that cross the entire spectrum of rock music, from classic rock and heavy metal to punk, prog-rock, and beyond. Inspired by Da Capo’s annual Best Music Writing series (which was discontinued in 2011), That Devil Music is focused entirely on rock ‘n’ roll and includes articles on Bob Mould, Big Star, Imagine Dragons, Greg Prevost, Clutch, Emitt Rhodes, the Replacements, Jimbo Mathus, and much more!

Edited by veteran music critic and BLURT contributor Rev. Keith A. Gordon, the 252-page book features a couple dozen scribes. Among the writers are Steve Morley, Tommy Hash, Fred Mills, Denise Sullivan, Jason Gross, Lee Zimmerman, and Ripple Effect's own Editor-in-Chief and Founder, Racer!.

The book reprints material from the previous year from publications like The Ripple Effect, BLURT, Paste magazine, Perfect Sound Forever, Metal Injection, and the That Devil website. Tim Shawl did the front and back cover artwork.

It’s available at booksellers, in independent record stores, or That Devil Music.

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