Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trilogy - Burned Alive

Formed under unusal circumstances, Trilogy came about when two Frederick, MD bookers were discussing what it would take to make a good band made up of local musicians. Eventually Messeurs Barker, McGinnis and Saunders were approached with this idea, they started to jam...and the rest is, as the saying goes, history. After a few "get together" rehearsals the trio found their feet and were officially launched as Trilogy in May 2012. Not resting on their laurels work began on their self-released debut album 'Burned Alive' which finally saw daylight in April 2013.

An eclectic band if there ever was one, Trilogy draw inspirations from many sources. A lot of times that can produce music which is all over the place. However, these guys circumvent any obstacle of this nature by keeping their foundation in power blues, southern rock and jam rock spiced with other hot ingredients. The end result? Simply fantastic, that's all I can say. Instrumental opener 'Daybreak' whisks me away to the magic era of the late 60's and the early 70's when Allman Brothers broke through. This track brings out the very best those southern gents have ever done and I can feel a big cheesy grin on my face as Trilogy waves their magic wand.

On an album as complete as 'Burned Alive' is it's hard to pick out any favourite tracks, however there are a few stand out compositions. I've already mentioned the magical instrumental opener 'Daybreak' and that one along with the title track, 'Teachers Of The Peace' and 'Malice' are my pick. The reason is simple...they represent all that Trilogy are. Each of these tracks are in my opinion what really shaped the band's sound and gave them their direction, that's why they are slightly ahead of the rest. Don't get me wrong because there simply are no flaws on here which is another peak for Trilogy. Their low is extremely any sense of the word!

A couple of other personal favourites are the heavy and jammy blues monster 'All Aglow' where the band manages to play heavy power blues mixed with spaced out jam sections; 'Frown' which is full of southern darkness, sludge and southern rock, slowly weaves it's way through heartache and misery and finally the extremely beautiful but dark 'Invade & Occupy'. Truly fantastic!

Few trios can create this kind of sound. Usually it requires 5 or 6 members which isn't bad but when three guys let their hair hang down and rip it up I get awestruck. Even more so when I know this happens live because then I know i'ts not a fluke, a pro tool scheme. No...I've had the opportunity to witness the Trilogy-phenomena live before this album was released and they were amazing then and they are even better now. And man, what else can I say? This is how 'Burned Alive' comes at you. It's organic, honest, in your face and...well get a copy and hear?!?! Ignore this at your peril!

- Swedebeast

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