Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Opossum Holler - It Comes In Three (EP)

Alright y'all! Listen up and hear what I have to say. Are you ready for a ride along the Bourbon Trail? You are? Awesome cause I'm ready and I have the perfect tour guide for us. Mixing rock, rockabilly, punkabilly, psychobilly and doom this trio from Bowling Green, KY, are the real deal and no one else could better help us on our travels. However, you better buckle up and hold on cause these cats show no mercy...get ready to be annihilated!

The onslaught is on from the word go as 'The White Witch From Yellow Creek' grabs me by the balls, lifts me up and slams me into a wall. It's clear right away that Opossum Holler takes no lip from anyone especially if you want to tag along the dirt roads and backwaters of their home state. There are brief moments of respite when they let off the gas but they are few and far apart. So swig from that bottle and let yourself be swept away.
'Sawdust' is a different beast albeit with traits from it's predecessor. Starting of almost like a 50's rock'n'roll song it suddenly explodes with razor sharp riffs leading the way. Slowing down for a little bit the fury is unleashed again. Halfway through we hit blues alley as Lloyd fires off a great solo in the vein of the ole' gunslingers before the tempo slows down slightly towards the end.
Unfortunately all good things must come to an end but it couldn't end in a better way than with the EP's title track, 'It Comes In Three'. At first I'm thinking this is Motörhead while the end sends out flashes of D.A.D. from Denmark. In between is an amalgamation of the two previous songs and the outcome...is simply fantastic. Opossum Holler has the amazing talent of blending influences and create their own sound with such ease. And that's no more apparent than on the title track...hell, what am I saying. It should be on the whole EP, don't know what I was thinking.

Well, the ride along the Bourbon Trail is over for this time and our gracious outlaw guides bids farewell as they disappear into the rolling hills of Kentucky. I, for one, is left wanting for more and thankfully Opossum Holler's first full-length, 'What's Done Is Done' is still available via the band, as is this fantastic EP. So get in touch with them to get your copies and while you're at it, tell them to make another full-length because we the people need more of them.

Over and out!

- Swedebeast

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