Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moon Tooth - Freaks EP

BLAM!  After a twenty one second wind up Moon Tooth lashes out at the listener with a resonant blitzkrieg of metal that is nothing short of phenomenal!  The band's ear pleasing assault doesn't let up until the fourth and final track of their Freaks EP comes to an end,  and what an aural onslaught it is waveriders!  Their music is an invigorating combination of progressive, technical, melodic, stoner, thrash, and doom metal.  All things considered, I really should have seen this coming.

Moon Tooth is the newest musical venture from four young men out of Long Island, New York.  Two of these young men, the guitarist and drummer, were previously in a band called Exemption.  Exemption released one of my favorite albums of the past few years entitled Public Cemetery Party.  I love that record!  Moon Tooth is a different animal than Exemption, but the instrumental elements I loved all made the transition.  The playing on this EP is exceptional!  It's aggressive, inventive, memorable, and adapts fluidly to the needs of each song.

If you happened to read my 2013 year end list you would have noticed Moon Tooth earned themselves an honorable mention.  At this point however I'm thinking they deserve more.  I listen to the Freaks EP on an almost daily basis, and I love every second I spend with this music!  The energy pouring out of my speakers or headphones is enough to power an entire city!  Do yourself a favor waveriders and swing by Moon Tooth's bandcamp page.  Listen to the Freaks EP, get blown away, and plunk down the money it takes to make these tunes your own.  Then we can wait for the new full length album their recording together!

-- Penfold



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