Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kimi Kärki - The Bone Of My Bones

Guitarist Kimi Kärki is a man of many faces. He first came to prominence with super legends, Reverend Bizarre. After they laid down their sword and shield, he has kept himself busy in such diverse bands as Lord Vicar, Uhrijuhla, Orne and E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr. Don't ask me how he does it, especially now when he has recorded his first solo album. Regardless, all these different ventures are excellent in their own right and 'The Bone Of My Bones' elevates him to master-class level as a musician.

Anyone hoping for a return to doom will be severly disappointed, because this album is a stripped down, minimalistic, acoustic and simply irresistible affair. Sometimes less is more which is an adage Kimi has taken to heart when creating this master piece. Used the right way only vocals and an acoustic guitar can be very powerful and 'The Bone Of My Bones' is a prime example of this. Telling tales of melancholy, sadness and heartache the solitary strum on the guitar accompanied by a broken, hurt voice hits home from the start and I am completely mesmerized.

'I Am Aries' opens this pandora's box and it's soaring guitars accompanied by Kimi's almost spoken vocals is so beautiful. It's dreamy qualtities is enhanced by the search for love in the midst of destruction and mayhem. Lyrically 'Red Rooster' follow along the same path...a man trying to protect what he loves from a world bent on self-destruction which seemingly is a lost cause. Bringing in a folk vibe, 'Young Brown Goodman' starts off slowly before picking up the pace slightly halfway through only to revert to the tragic touch of the song's beginning. Absolutely amazing waveriders, absolutely amazing! Retaining the folk music aspect 'My Name Is Free' tells the story of a dying prisoner reflecting back on his life behind bars. As haunting as a song ever can be but extremely beautiful.

A more upbeat tone to the music, 'The Lord Who Never Sleeps' is cleansing proposition despite Kimi narrating about a man possessed by demons. Eventually he finds solace and moves on to a different sphere as his possessors finally let go. Dark and almost clasutrophobic 'Archipelago' is a foreboding lament to say the least. It feels like I'm on a sinking ship and I know I'm going to die. And that's where the last song, 'Taxiarch' picks up. What I mean is, this largely instrumental song comes on as a passing-song. You have died and your whole being is transported somewhere else. It is a very dreamy or floating piece if you like and uplifting. The sounds created here are soothing and relaxing which makes me feel good. That might sound weird since I think it's a passing-song but hopefully this is how it feels when the time has come.

Kimi's solo debut came as a surprise to me because I hadn't heard a word it was in the making. Maybe that was a good thing though, therefore I had no hopes and preconceived ideas what it was going to sound like. True, it did feel strange to put on this secret suddenly unveiled but from the first tone until the last I am completely mesmerized by Kimi's work of art. Because art of the highest order doesn't come any better then 'The Bone Of My Bones' and it is one of the best albums I have heard this year. A must have indeed, dear waveriders, mark my words!


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