Thursday, January 2, 2014

GRIT - Surge

GRIT from Heidelberg, Germany plays heavy psychedelic rock with a jam-based approach to songwriting and performance. They recently recorded an EP-sized demo, which is freely available in digital form on their homepage.

Instrumental bands are a strange beast for me, how do they pick titles, how do they know when to stop and not become self-indulgent? Luckily these guys are not self-indulgent and restrain themselves from going overboard with long jams and have concise tracks that draw you in and wash over you. The four songs have a ton of feeling and emotion in them that you can feel bursting out at you and really make for a fantastic listening experience. The three-piece really know how to play and the guitarist really gives a lot of his exuberance in his playing, the drums are pounding away and meld perfectly with the bass.

A band with no vocals and I'm loving it...what's next? This really got to me and will be something that I really will be playing the hell out of.


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