Friday, January 31, 2014

deM atlaS - Charle Brwn EP

Waveriders, I'm not going to lie to you.  2013 was an ugly year for my mental state.  The truth is that I was unhappy.  Why is this relevant?  Because my mental health directly affects what kind of music I listen to everyday.  If you're familiar with my work here on The Ripple Effect you know that hip-hop is normally a big part of my musical diet.  When I'm unhappy however I become solely interested in ugly, dissonant, noisy metal.  Well I made some necessary changes and I am once again a pretty happy guy.  Yeah!  Enter deM atlaS and his Charle Brwn EP.

I discovered deM atlaS after receiving an email telling me he had been signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment.  To properly introduce their new signee they offered a link to download this Charlie Brown inspired EP for free.  Me?  Turn down free tunes from a label I trust?  Not likely!  I clicked on the download link, unzipped the file, loaded up the music and hit play.  Lo and behold, this guy is fantastic!  I was hooked after hearing his first verse.  Here is a good chunk of it (as accurately as I can transcribe it anyway)...

"No one understands me, not even my f!@#ing family / Like stand by me / My problem is the one I can't se.../ Can't be the only person living this in misery / If I am / I'm gonna be the spark in the sea of trees / I can't be / Voice for the generation get it now / Get it how / Like I only hear the sounds of my head / They too loud / No, no they too quiet / Guess my only option is to silence the impending riot / Impending violence covered in the color turbulence / And hope my current state of mind is where do I find 'em at / To say where I be at / Because it really doesn't matter if it's this or that"

Excellent wordplay!  Excellent lyrical flow!  I hear the influence of Black Thought, Kool Keith, Andre 3000, and Fatlip upon Mr. atlaS' style. Over the course of the EP he drops direct and indirect references to artists I enjoy such as The Roots, The Pharcyde, Gorillaz, Common, and Slick Rick.  These are all good things!  Plus, have you ever heard an entire EP based off of Peanuts characters?  I know I had not.  Now I want to hear more!

So, are you a fan of quality hip-hop?  Check out this free, top-notch EP.  Do you love Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts?  You'll really love this free EP!  Maybe you need to listen to something laid back and groovy?  I mentioned that this EP is free right?  No?  Shame on me.  The Charle Brwn EP is free.  Go get it!

-- Penfold

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