Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Daily Bandcamp Album; Burning Temples by Desert Suns

Not so much an album but a single. "Burning Temples" is the first single by a new and upcoming band from San Diego called Desert Suns. When the track starts off, you're greeted by some noisy but yet slow noises that turns into some of the doomiest riffs that would make one Mr. Iommi a very happy and proud person. The song features some fantastic guitaring and solos. The drums are on par with something you'd hear from Bill Ward or John Bonham. Vocally, it's similar to Ozzy but a bit less pitch. While this band wears the Black Sabbath influence proudly, they are far from the next Sabbath wanna be. The style is similar but the sound is different. The song is closer to hard rock than doom metal. The band is currently working on an EP to accommodate "Burning Temples." This one sneaked up on me but now I know it's here, I'll be looking forward to more. It's already on my list of anticipated albums. Check it out for yourself. The song is free so you have no excuse to snag it now.

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