Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Black Thai - Seasons Of Might EP

The mega-tower leviathan know as Black Thai have returned to deliver the goods on a kick ass new EP called Seasons Of Might. Black Thai formed in 2009 as a semi-supergroup in Boston and just keep getting better and better with each new release. Guitarist Scott O'Dowd and drummer Jeremy Hemond are in the excellent Cortez (over-achiever Jeremy also bashes skins for the mighty Roadsaw), guitarist/vocalist Jim Healey was in We're All Gonna Die and plays solo shows. I'm not sure if bassist Cory Cocomazzi is in any other bands. Probably not since he's such a low-end powerhouse most people couldn't handle it. 2010's EP Blood From On High was one of my favorite releases from that year and they also put out a great split 10" with Moth Eater the following year.

Black Thai play it really heavy but their classic rock roots always shine through. There are a lot of bands that use Kyuss and Soundgarden as a template but few, if any, bring in any ZZ Top, Cactus or Grand Funk jams. A Black Sabbath influence is mandatory but Black Thai aren't afraid to throw some Dio-Rianbow in there, too.

The 4 songs on the Seasons Of Might EP total about 25 minutes with a killer 12" cover that is truly denim jacket worthy. I gave the record a few spins at home and then decided to put it to the real test - how does it sound cranked in the car? Totally mint! The jams are heavy and not too fast, perfect for the stop-start bullshit driving we have to put up with in Brooklyn. "Blood Dust" starts it off with a riff that reminds me of Cathedral ("Stained Glass Horizon" maybe) and has some great vocals from Jim. "Start A War" is flat out pummeling with a bit of an Iron Maiden gallop. Jeremy starts off "Doors To Nowhere" with a massive intro to remind everyone how much he loves Cozy Powell and Carmine Appice before the band crashes in with screaming fury. Cory's bass starts off the 8 minute epic "Reasons To Burn." This might be their "Kashmir" or "Stargazer." Scott does some nice solos on this one and his wah-work brings to mind both Michael Schenker and Ron Ashton.

This EP is mandatory for all the wigged out stoner rock freaks and some of you normal rock fans, too. The artwork really is great and the band could use your support now more than ever. While on tour last month supporting their new release drummer Jeremy Hemond broke his arm during load out after their St. Louis show. Obviously, for a drummer (who's day job is being a carpenter) this is a huge blow. None of these guys are rich and buying a copy would help them out while improving your life, too.


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