Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kink Ador - Free World

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Kink Ador has been making and mixing sounds and genres for the last few years...generally under the radar.  We could call this an “indie” rock record and move on, but that just wouldn’t do the talent in this band justice.  Comprising of bassist/vocalist/sometimes trumpeter Sharon Koltick and guitarist Nicklas Hamilton, Kink Ador plays a fresh and modern mix of rock music that borders on “New Wave” and fits in nicely with all of the other danceable rock bands performing today.  Pitchfork would be smart to feature them on their website and music festival.

Kink Ador’s new record, “Free World”, features six songs, all of which I find to be highly enjoyable and quite energetic.  Good thing too.  Anything short of energetic would be a disappointment if you have ever caught them live.  Sharon is nothing short of the real deal in the female rock star category.  The girl has chops, looks, and talent.  Imagine Sting and Blondie got together and had a love child and then raised on “Stop Making Sense”....it’s kind of like that.  She’s a blonde bob top with more rock moves that most machismo driven bands.  It’s refreshing. 

Nicklas Hamilton is the perfect counterpart.  His knowledge of guitar layering wizardry fills out Koltick’s thick and pummeling bass lines.  On stage, he is every bit of a blur of motion as Koltick.  Having 318 guitar pedals to keep track of kind of helps keep him busy when he isn’t rocking out. Never a dull moment if you as me.  It all translate to record very nicely.  Here’s my honest critique of “Free World”.  It’s too short.  It leaves you wanting more of the record..but it just isn’t there.  That’s ok and it’s a good thing.  The top notch production of the record mixed with the upbeat songwriting sucks you in just in time for the last track to come to an end.  I was stuck with the awkward dead space on my stereo, realizing the record was over and I was a little sad.  Guess we get to wait for the next record.  If you can’t wait...check out their earlier releases.  I hope some record label with the bank roll to make it happen for Kink Ador gets wise and soon.  They totally deserve it.  “Free World” is available now on ITunes.

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