Sunday, December 29, 2013

Arrison Kirby - The Micro Jackson EP

So I’m going through my Ripple Effect email and I come across this EP called ‘The Micro Jackson EP’ by Arrison Kirby released on El Death Records.  It just looked like a good combination of words. Enough to be compelling at least.  I figured the linguist hiding in me thought it was worth the spin if there was going to be that much phonetic finesse waiting for me.  Turns out that 6 songs on The Micro Jackson EP were really worth listen.  I’m still enjoying it.

Arrison Kirby’s sound falls somewhere in that niche that holds by Beck and every other Americana and/or Indie artist this side of Minus The Bear that has delved into sampling beats and using vintage keyboards.  Arrison Kirby has a flair for it.  The sound of the record is clean, but lacks a little in the fullness department...mostly because there really isn’t a real drum set on the record.  However, clever song writing and steady musicianship from AK and crew pull it together including a a cover of Freddie Mercury’s “Living On My Own”. 

In short, I think this record will really appeal to the art school student looking for a weird band from Somewhere, Anywhereland (in this case, Knoxville).  Not that they are weird, but definitely fit the “obscure” tag well.   It’s a great little production where they obviously used what they had to work with it and that is admirable.  I’d like to hear where this Arrison Kirby guy goes with his sound.  Most guys like this fall into the musical void of the working/family life and life catches up with them.  Hopefully, even if that is the case, Arrison Kirby will avoid the chasm and continue to produce songs.  Then again, maybe he might turn into the SIngle Politician life that he sings about.  I think it could go anyway. 

  The Grime

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