Monday, November 18, 2013

Tragodia - Mythmaker

     Another progressive powerhouse from Italy! First track from this epic band hits you like a runaway train. " A Cry Among The Stars". Solid musicianship. killer solo, sing able chorus, memorable riffs. Often with progressive bands you are overwhelmed by algebraic concepts of what makes a song. In that mix, tragically. the listener is trampled.

    Not the case with this band.
Superior performance and accessible lyrics intertwined with incredible depth of melody. It is all here.

     Truly "Mythmaker" is a roadmap to an enlightened form of progressive metal. I'm hearing shades of Deep Purple, Kamleot, Fates Warning, Queensryche woven into the metal tapestry. This is a great album for any fan of progressive hard rock/metal.

 The twin guitar bombardment is amazing. Precise and fluid, they shred when they are supposed to. The production is simply well done and creatively enhances the inner workings of this band. This is an epic disc that swirls around your mind long after the disc has stopped playing.

 Tragodia should be elevated to the top of the progressive metal wall soon enough. They raise the bar on performance and power metal. This is true metal. Artists that use the effects of light and shade and transforms mere instruments into weapons of sonic energy that echoes through the universe.
Get this album now and play it loud!!!!!!

9 Horns up

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