Saturday, November 16, 2013

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs - GIRL

You want to party?  I said, DO YOU WANT TO PARTY?  Do you want to rock?  Yes, YOU!  DO YOU WANT TO ROCK?! Want to headbang? Hit the mosh pit? Hook up with a hot and sexy glitter punk?  Well, then, you are in the right place. Let's give it up for, BANG, Tony Coke thrashing your passion on lead guitar, singing harmony and occasionally spanking the bass;  BANG, Minx The Jinx playing a little axe, mostly grabbing the bottom, smoking the keys and jukin' the uke; and, of course none other than the voice and twisted mind of the band, that unsettling sensuous wench, Scary Cherry.  Let’s hear it for these hard rock pop punks.  Here they are, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs with their debut album, GIRL!

Damn, this band is fun.  There is a primal attraction to every track on GIRL.  According to Scary, the entire album "is a raw, sometimes disturbing, but ultimately empowering journey through the eyes and life of a girl."  There is an edge to the music and it has "in your face" primacy.  It mixes 70's glitter rock with 90's punk and classic hard rock and adds one other element, an intoxicating sensuality that makes you fall in love with it even when Scary is cursing you out.

This is Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs' first full length album.  The Dallas, Texas-based trio has one prior, rather obscure, EP aptly and unimaginatively titled Limited Edition 5 Song EP.  The band has been touring for quite a while - over six years -  but I dare say the twelve track GIRL is the first time the uncomfortable attraction to Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs, and their music, can be felt outside of a live show.

Loyal followers of the band call themselves "glitter punks." Listen to GIRL and you are certain to understand why.  The entire package is alluring.   The music and the band are captivating and slightly terrifying. . . and yet, somehow exude a raw sexuality.  If you've never heard glitter punk I suggest you listen to GIRL in order to pop your Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs' virginity.

- Old School

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