Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ripple Field Trip - Joe Satriani Live In Boston@The Orpheum Theater Unstoppable Momentum Tour 2013 with special guest Steve Morse

 My journey to see the maestro began with a train ride and then a quick subway journey to The Orpheum Theater In Boston, Mass. I had never had the pleasure of seeing Joe Satriani play live before so I was excited for a good show. I have all of his DVDs including the G3 series and have watched them all..over..and over again.

 Boston was the birthplace for the American dream. The city was alive with movement and momentum. The crowd of guitar fans stood patiently in line. Most of them were probably guitarist in their own right. Later they would go home to emulate the master. Or some might go home and never look at their instrument the same way again.

 The heartland of the American revolution was about to welcome into its arms a shining product of our freedoms. Joe Satriani is an incredibly gifted guitarist whose solo work is legendary and who now plays alongside Sammy Hagar in the super band, Chickenfoot.

 This stellar performer catapults the listener into another dimension of space and time. He is a master controller of his instrument. His endorsement with guitar maker, Ibanez, has helped launch thousands of young prodigies across the void.

 My anticipation was building as I entered the old, yet uniquely ornamented theater

First band up was Steve Morse. A guitar hero in his own right, he laid down a 45 minute set of blistering, yet intricate guitar based songs. He was a master showman. His guitar tone is unique. I found a new admiration for the guitarist. He controlled that stage with precision and power.

Joe Satriani hit that stage like a rocket launched on a fiery journey to the stars. His persona , his tone, his style of playing is unmatched. Hands flying, notes flailing and then he pulls it all back in like some orchestrated birth of the universe. There is a precision to his playing that never fails to amaze me. Flawless performance

 He works the crowd but he also lets his band breathe and join in on the shredding and the fun. Assembling the finest musicians of every caliber is key to his success. This is not an ego trip. This is pure musical power and every player has a strength and unmatched talent.

 Clearly Mr. Satriani is having fun on that stage. The smile never leaves his face as he surfs the frenetic fret board with full blown ferocity

 When you speak of a guitar it is a simple instrument. Wood and wire, electronics, paint,polish,screws, etc. Placed in the hands of most people they can strum a chord or make some notes. Place same guitar in Joe Satriani's hands and the magic of the universe is drawn in and released through him.

There is an art to his shredding and a mysticism to his composing. His guitar knowledge is unmatched. He is a true American guitar hero and he was full of energy from start to finish during his blistering set. He had an "Unstoppable Momentum"!


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