Saturday, November 30, 2013

Daily Bandcamp Album; Lightning Medicine by Wounded Giant

"They like all things psychedelic and heavy and it shows from the songs and riffs that they wield with the katana sword precision of a disciplined Samurai. Together they build formidable layers that give hint to their forefathers; the likes of Sabbath and Hawkwind, with hints of Blue Cheer while retaining a fresh feel and tone that is unmistakeably their own."

-Tad Doyle

Two words I will use to describe this album, warning, it may be slightly NSFW. 

"Holy Fuck!"

This is some pretty heavy shit here. Somewhat psychedelic too. I had to blast this with the volume cranked all the way on the way to work. It was cold out but I made sure the people that were around me heard it. This one makes the new Black Sabbath album sound like a wet fart. Get behind this people. This is the future of heavy!

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