Sunday, November 10, 2013

Daily Bandcamp Album; Lightning At The Door by All Them Witches

"All Them Witches is a Nashville, Tennessee born - world fed psych operation sending heavy blown desert vibes to the nations. All Them Witches features swamp land, back woods, surfer dude  musicians who give a fuck. Fueled by drums and directed by none. Be the revolution."

Without as much as a peep, the new album by All Them Witches silently was uploaded to Bandcamp. Because I was following them, an email was sent to me by Bandcamp informing me of their new album. Still no peep from the band. The next morning they posted on Facebook that the new album was up for preorder and the wait for release was only a week away. A long week it was. Well worth the wait. The album is much darker than Our Mother Electricity. While it still has their trademark sound, the sings creep into more dark blues. They're not as uplifting and yet very satisfying. I think this may be my favorite album of 2013.

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