Sunday, November 24, 2013

Daily Bandcamp Album; Knuckle Duster by Asomvel

"The best heavy metal has plenty of dirt under its fingernails: this lot must never be allowed to work in a food preparation area." - Dom Lawson, The Guardian"

WOW! I wasn't going to be buying any more music until after the holidays but this one came across my screen and BAM! This is some great heavy metal. A little like Motorhead, but better. Yeah I said it. Listening to Knuckle Duster is like being softly caressed into a near coma only to be beaten off until climax. It sounds more sexual than it actually is. An eargasim if you will. Riff after glorious riff, this is one album you won't want to be without. It's heavy metal at it's finest.

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