Sunday, November 3, 2013

Daily Bandcamp Album; Devil With A Gun by SUPERCRUEL

"SUPERCRUEL is a Stoner/Alternative rock band from Austria formed in 2008.
The band, which formed after the breakup of Evocation - later Kissing Disease, originally consisted of Christian Reisinger, the brothers Mario and Thomas Emmer, Herwin Prem as well as Daniel Dorninger. Later in 2011, Michael Hirschmugl joined the band and took over the Bass after Herwin had left the band."

And now, a review written by FDJ, because his words pinpoint this album exactly:
The USA had Kyuss,Unida and now QOTSA. Sweden has got the Truckfighters, Ponamero Sundown. And now from Austria we have Supercruel!
The desert has never been more crowded"

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