Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature

There is a lot of pissed off music these days, which makes sense, because we live in pissed off times.  In the US at least, we have a group of politicians that are probably the biggest collection of buffoons ever gathered in one place at one time, as in Congress.  They think that running the country is a game tallied with winners and losers.  Except the losers are the people who voted these ass clowns into office, and the fat cats sit in Washington selling their votes.  We have a President who is increasingly socialist and who seems to think that we should all just shut up and listen to him, because he is the only one who really knows best for us.  We once used the slogan, “Don't tread on me” to oppose tyranny and oppression; now we get stomped under the boot heels of our own government.  And if you look around the world, shit ain't a whole lot better.

So the fact that All Pigs Must Die bring forth this slab of rage is totally fitting.  This is angry, furious, and not taking any crap kind of music.  If these dudes ever went on tour with Call Of The Void, I would so be there.  The music is anger personified.  You can't really call this any specific genre of metal, but there are elements of thrash and death metal mostly, along with a little grind.  It is heavy and bruising music.

The first couple of tracks, “Chaos Arise” and “Silencer”, kick the album off in full on rage mode.  Short, sweet, and like a punch to the liver, intended to take you down before you even know what is going on.  The tempo slows a little on songs 4 and 5, “Bloodlines” and “Of Suffering”, but the brutality keeps pace.  They may be a little slow and sludgy but they are heavy as a sledgehammer to the chest, and they seethe and boil with the same sentiments heard on the faster stuff.

The last 4 tracks slam by in a blur, leaving you to wonder what hit you.  Again, short and to the point, without leaving you time to even draw one breath in between.  Track 9, “Faith Eater”, is especially good.  Starting off like some long lost Sabbath riff, it quickly gets up to speed and rains down a fury of riffs.  So, so good.  Oh yeah, and it goes back to those doomy, sludgy riffs again.

You could call this music for the dispossessed and disenfranchised.  It is certainly brutal and fits the mood and spirit of the times.  I look at it as music that allows the listener to let off some steam.  Just remember friends, anger for anger's sake doesn't accomplish anything.  Remember what pisses you off and use that to motivate you to make change happen.  And let this one be your soundtrack. 


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