Friday, November 29, 2013

A Ripple Conversation with Bobbie Brown (Ex Wives of Rock)

"I Didn't Grow Up A Heavy Metal chick"

The classic Heavy Metal video vixen, an iconic figure in the MTV heyday of hair bands and glam metal. When we think back to those over the top days, only one name comes to mind; Bobbie Brown. She is best  known to most of you as "that hot  girl" in the Warrant Cherry Pie video. She married jani Lane the singer from warrant, toured with rock bands and lived a life of total 80's excess. Now a published author of Dirty Rocker Boys,(Simon And Schuster)  and a reality T.V. star on the ex-wives of rock. I found  Bobbie Brown to be friendly, funny, and she came across as a genuine, honest individual. Her intellect and street smarts have culminated with the creation of this 80's tell all book, and true to herself, she pulls no punches.

How Long Did It Take To Write This Book?

"Wow. I've been working on the idea for about 4 years. When I finally got out of my old contract and signed with Simon and Schuster, it's taken about a year. It's a lot harder than I thought it was going to be."

How Involved were you with The editing? Where there things you wanted in that they didn't and vice versa?

"Actually I wanted to be a big part of the process. I didn't want it to come across like an interview. I wanted my story to be true and honest. I got nervous towards the end because it may have been too honest. But they, (Publisher) were like, "No leave it in". I thought it might cause controversy but they were like "No that makes it honest." So I am a little bit nervous."

Any  Plans for a nationwide Signing Tour?

"I would love to. I don't know what they have in mind. Depends on sales."

What's on your IPod?

"I don't have one (laughs). But I'll listen to Spotify or Pandora. I put on hip hop music to keep me going. I love Incubus."

Were you a fan of the Glam Metal scene and music back then?

"Some of it. Never was a big Poison fan or anything like that. I thought Jani was an amazing songwriter and of course I loved his music. I didn't even know they (Warrant) wrote the song "Heaven", until I did the video. I was like, "Oh you guys did this song?" And they were just like wow..."

Can You Describe A typical Night on the Sunset strip back then?

"Special. Totally different now with all this reality television. Everyone is famous now for whatever. back then you were famous because of talent. It was a big deal. It was cool. Crazy back then. A decadent time. That was my heyday. The book goes through that time period. The book starts with one crazy night back then and then it Tarrantino's its way back to my childhood and then works its way up from there."

O.k. You list a lot of people you knew and some you dated. I have to ask...Kevin Costner? Was he more "Dances With Wolves" or "Water World"?

"Wow. More like "Water World".(Laughs)  Yeah. I pretty much left a lasting impression on him that probably scarred him for life. Needless to say I pretty much ruined every type of interaction I had back then with my chaos."

Do you ever run into some of those people now?

"I have not run into Costner anyway. There are still some people I am friends with. But basically no."

You have a time machine. Going  to visit yourself back then, what do you say?

"Chill out on the ego a little bit. Take pride in my career and make it more of a priority. Take advantage of the opportunities that I passed on. Living in regret is not a fun place to be. I am very grateful  that I have this opportunity for a rebirth of my career. Not everyone gets that."

On the show (The Ex-wives Of Rock), you come across as very honest and genuine. How do you get beyond the loss of your career earlier and what could have been?"

"It's horrible. It's hard to manage. I got to a point after being famous and successful in the entertainment industry. Recover from drugs. Just didn't feel like I was done. Things just happened. I got a regular job at a pet rescue agency. They had a reality television show and it went from there. I got fired because I called  the boss a dick. I then did the documentary "women of the Sunset strip". Eventually I was asked to do the show and I brought the other girls in.

You're all really good friends?

"Yes. We have known each other for ever. Scharise was my best friend back in the day. We have all have been in each other's lives for one reason or another. It's not forced. It's honest and people can relate. I'm honest. I do have plenty of stories. I am nervous about the book. I have things to talk about like Jani's death. I'm honest. I don't lie. People might not like what I say about Jani and our divorce. But it is a great read."

Crazy stories about bands?

"I have a great Dave Navarro story in the book, Mark McGrath from Sugar ray. Leonardo DiCaprio. Kevin Costner, Rod Stewart."

Rod Stewart?

"Yes. Some hook ups, others are just crazy stories. Tommy Lee, Milli Vanilli..."

Milli Vanilli?

"Idated Robert. So yeah that story is in there. It's preconceived notion about me . I didn't grow up a heavy metal chick. I was a dancer who liked hip hop and dance music."


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