Thursday, October 3, 2013

WITHEM - The Point Of You

    Very well constructed progressive metal here. A definitive dream theater influence throughout and that is a good thing. "Point Of View" is an amazing epic song that features the incredible vocals of Ole Aleksander Wageniusgive. His range and precision power crafting of his vocals are unparalled.

This is superior performance based metal. Melodic and progressive, fearless and fiery, there are really no words that best describe this disc. You have to listen and play it loud! Fans of Dream Theater, Fates Warning, DragonForce will be very pleased. This is a sonic tapestry of epic proportions.

Stand out tracks include, "Burned By Senses", "The Paramount of Lies", "Point Of View". But my favorite track is "Mr. Miruz". Simply put this is an epic track that showcases all aspects of this band, vocals, drums, bass. I think the musicianship is incredible on this disc. Truly these are superb musicians who have honed their craft to razor sharp perfection.

  Guitarist, Øyvind Voldmo Larsen is one hell of a musician. His playing is also a stand out feature of the disc. Simply an awesome progressive filled metal piece of artwork. Outstanding in his field. I can't wait to see this band in a live setting. It must be an awesome guitarists dream to witness.

This is one good, solid, progressive metal band. There are few that can touch this group in its originality, structure, and precision.

Get this album now!

10 horns up!


•    Point Of View 
•    Miracle 
•    Phrenesis 
•    Burned By Senses 
•    Mr. Miruz 
•    Born To Live 
•    The Paramount Of Lies 
•    Driven By A Blessing 
•    Why Me?

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