Friday, October 25, 2013

The Golden Grass

Lets talk about the hippest band to strut their stuff this year.  If you aren’t particularly hip, let me fill you in.  Hailing from Brooklyn, The Golden Grass have been something of a buzz band since hitting the scene late this summer.  They sure seem to like their facts in Brooklyn.  Here are some to chew on...

The Golden Grass formed in early 2013 of seasoned veterans Michael Rafalowich (Strange Haze, tour member of Tav Falco’s Panther Burns) and Adam Kriney (La Otracina, tour member or Nebula).  Joe Noval holds down the electric low end. 

The Golden Grass got themselves signed before they even played their first show.  Cool, huh?  When they did get around to getting it on live, it was to a sold out audience at St. Vitus Bar.  That’s a good start if you ask me. 

To sum it up, so far we’ve heard bits and pieces of their debut single on some nicely put together Youtube videos and live footage from their first show.  This has been enough to get people talking.  So, what does it really sound like?

First and foremost, The Golden Grass cook, man.  Most noticeably in the loose but groove steady drumming of Adam Kriney.  The dude has monster chops.  The band has a strong pulse.  On top of that, Rafalowich’s inventive but dedicated take on classic rock riffs (read: funky) keeps the whole thing fresh and familiar all at the same time.  Joe Noval ain’t no slouch.  Warm tone and tasty fills round out the power trio‘s psychedelic, hard rock sound.  For a 7” it sure covers a lot of musical ground. I hate to say it, but while it focuses on 70’s hard rocking psychedelic ambiance, the music has slight prog tendencies.  That’s far out, because it sounds great.  A bag full of chops never hurt anyone and The Golden Grass pull it off with flair.  With a small fall tour planned, I suggest catching these guys while they are just getting going.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

Their highly anticipated debut 7 inch (Electric Assault and Svart Records) is available Nov 1.

--The Grime

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