Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mental Killing Spree - Centrifuge Of Man

Have you heard Mental Killing Spree’s new one, Centrifuge of Man? 

Good chance the answer is negatory; as of this writing they are seeking distribution for this recently minted longplayer.  But if you have had the pleasure, most likely via the “atrocious generosity” (title of 1st track) of the internet, your face would now be melted, you know, full melt, nothing but bare skull and eyeballs rolling in sockets.  And if listening to music melts your face, you know you must be listening to some brutal Death Metal & Grindcore.  So brutal it must be German (by way of Wilhelmshaven) with Polish influences, thanks to Sound Division Studios in Warsaw. 

Kreator meets Vader you think?  Really? What non-Brutal Planet (thinly veiled Alice Coper reference) are you living on?  That would be like comparing MKS to the Vienna Boys Choir for crissake.  No this stuff is BRVTAL son and I mean that in every good way possible. 

Centrifuge of Man sounds its message of intent on the opening four chord riff of Atrocious Generosity, “dant dant dant dant”, blast beats follow and again, the short sharp shock, “dant dant dant dant”, guitars build to blackened buzz, vocals fall in, dirty filthy vile monotone vocals of the smelting belching variety, building to the bridge, “dant dant dant dant”, and now swing to guttural cadence, marching toward a balls out, thrashened, blink and you’ll miss it lead, short pause, lather rinse repeat, “dant dant dant dant”, and we’re out. 

Man, if that didn’t alter you appearance, separate your plasma from your platelets (that’s what centrifuges do, yo), melt your mug off your melon, then you best move on cause what follows over ten tracks is much of the same and, once again, I mean that in every good way possible.  I love this stuff, loud fierce and unrelenting mixed with the occasional shift in tempo , a melodic breakdown or two, however brief, with questionable English titles that read like pricey Japanese t-shirts ( brute not cute) found in hip Harajuku shops: Lymph Node Monstrosity, Equal Zero Coincidence  and  Autoaggressive Leviathan. 

It would have been cool if the press kit held a lyric sheet, and then I might be able to tell you the meaning behind some of these titles.  But honestly, I don’t care much for lyrics.  For me the vocal is another instrument, whether it’s Strummer, Lemmy or Akerfeldt, it’s the sound of the vocal and the way that it complements the music that gets me. Timm from Mental Killing Spree is in lock step with band mates Jorg (drums) and Slav (guitar). These guys bring the mental and aural atrocity and I’m picking up what they’re putting down.  I suggest you do the same. 

--The Keeper

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