Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Daily Bandcamp Album; IGNIS by Saturna

"Saturna was formed in november 2010 in Barcelona, Spain as a project to develop some musical ideas by Rod (bassist) with the assistance of the other members of the band.

The experience and musicianship of the band members has been proved over the last 10 years in many gigs and recording sessions.

In 2012, Saturna released what was one of my favorite albums with The Kingdom of Spirit. A followup couldn't come quickly enough for me. Thank the stars, that followup is soon. The band has their followup streaming right now with a full release come November 2013.

When you hit play you're treated to some great drumming. A unique intro for a unique album. "Schools of Mystery" opens with an Alice in Chains-esq number. The rest o fthe album is a great mix of stoner rock, metal, grunge and hard rock. This is an all-in-one album, it has something in it for everyone. Stream one of 2013's best albums now.

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